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The Northern California Translators Association (NCTA), a Chapter of the American Translators Association, helps translators and interpreters to develop professionally, work effectively, and thrive, and to be recognized for the value of the work they do.

NCTA Sponsors

Funds generously provided by our sponsors are used to defray the costs of providing light refreshments for our general meetings, workshops and other events.

Happy NCTA Members

Why Join NCTA?

Join with your local colleagues to learn, build your business, and thrive. It costs you almost nothing. Visit our registration page or call (510) 845-8712.

Get Work

Our highly visible online referral service is one of the easiest ways for new clients to find you.

Or peruse our project/job board exclusively for members (members and non-members can post jobs here) to find suitable projects.

Professional Networking

 Translators and interpreters benefit from our members-only online email group, through lively exchanges on pertinent topics of the trade—payment issues, client negotiations, technology solutions, etc.

Discover New Skills

Continuing education workshops throughout the year help you build new skills and keep old ones up to date.

Prepare for ATA Certification

Attend our certification workshops for tips on how to prepare for the American Translators Association certification exam. And be notified as soon as a local exam sitting is scheduled.

Gain Credibility

Add the NCTA member logo to your business card, résumé, and website to show potential clients that you are committed to your profession.

Collaborate With Trusted Professionals

Companies and outsourcers also benefit from our association by being plugged into the local community of language professionals, a rich source for job placement.

Find a Language Professional

Our directory includes hundreds of individuals and companies offering language services in California and beyond. An individual can provide one-to-one services in one or a few languages. A languages services company can offer multiple languages for larger projects.

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