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Webinar Duration CEUs Price for Non-NCTA Members Price for NCTA Members
Subtitling Like a Pro, virtual 2-part workshop presented by Ana Lis Salotti

Join us for an online workshop about subtitling. The workshop will be language neutral, with into-English examples applicable to other language pairs. A significant practical portion will be followed by a discussion.

This workshop is designed for translators who wish to learn to subtitle, so they can add this service to their portfolio, or for novice subtitlers who wish to hone their skills.
What you will learn

– Technical characteristics and requirements of subtitling

– Best practices based on the most widely used subtitling guidelines in the world: Netflix’s Timed Text Style Guides

– Intro to Subtitle Edit, a free subtitling software

– Common subtitling pitfalls and how to avoid them to become a subtitling pro

5 hours 5 ATA CE points $70 – $55 – click here after logging into your account
Diving into Financial Translation, presented by Analía Bogdan

This course will cover clear steps to dive into the financial translation world, including what type of financial training to take, and other advises and tools to understand key financial and economic theoretical concepts beyond words in order to translate them accurately. We will go over examples and provide proposed translations in different financial fields (accounting, capital markets, banking industry). We will discuss the customer´s profile in the financial industry and tips on how to improve our productivity adding value to the relationship and making it long-term. We will also assess the financial industry size in the US and the translation opportunities it offers.
4 hours 4 ATA CE points $40 – $30 – click here after logging into your account
A Guide to the ATA Certification Exam: Tips and How to Prepare presented by David Stephenson, Chair of the ATA Certification Committee, Andrea Goethals and Carola F Berger

We are presenting a webinar on how to prepare for the ATA certification exam with three great presenters: David Stephenson, Chair of the ATA Certification Committee, and two NCTA members (Carola Berger and Andrea Goethals) who took the exam in person and online, and passed!
This presentation will be of interest to attendees seeking a better understanding of ATA‘s certification exam and program. David Stephenson, Chair of the ATA Certification Committee, will discuss the nature of the exam, assessment criteria, and upcoming changes in the program, including the further rollout of online testing. He will answer questions about certification policies and procedures and provide tips on how to prepare for the exam.
1.75 hours 1 ATA CE point $35 – $25 – click here after logging into your account
What’s Cooking? Introduction to Culinary Translation, presented by Olivia Singier Texier

Over the past years, there has been a popular interest in food and cooking thanks to globalization and the multiplication of food-related media – cookbooks, magazines, TV programs and foodies blogs. But cooking is much more than food, it is about culture, identity and language as reflected by Brillat-Savarin: “Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you who you are”. How difficult can it be to translate menus and cookbooks? Chicken with pasta and tomato sauce – that sounds easy enough to translate! The truth is, it is not as easy as it sounds… Join us for this webinar to delve into the world of culinary translation and take part in hands-on activities!
2+ hours (without breakout sessions a bit over 1 hour) 2 ATA CE points $30 – $20 – click here after logging into your account
Global translation and interpreting in clinical trials – Localization between scientific precision and cultural adaptation, presented by Afaf and Matthias Steiert

In recent years clinical trials have become an increasingly global affair, and the trend to delocalize clinical trials into emerging countries continues to grow around the world in COVID-19 times. Translation services are necessary to accurately represent the implementation and outcomes of these trials.
Learning objective: This presentation will provide translators and interpreters tools to familiarize themselves with clinical trials and learn about cultural adaptation, localization as a significant component in this medical/pharmaceutical specialization.
1+ hours 1 ATA CE point $30 – $20 – click here after logging into your account
Gone Phishing? Cybersecurity Essentials for Language Professionals, presented by Carola F Berger

Now that working from home is the new normal even for most interpreters, it is essential to know how to protect your computer and other devices from malicious attacks. This webinar will cover basic cybersecurity for language professionals. Specific topics covered include: passwords, passphrases, and hacking; internet security: routers, Wifi, and VPNs; securing other (mobile) devices; phishing, smishing, spoofing and scams (though only an overview – for an in-depth discussion on scams, please see the free on-demand webinar by the same presenter below).
1+ hours 1 ATA CE point $30 – $20 – click here after logging into your account
Don’t Fall for It: Scams Targeting Language Professionals, presented by Carola F Berger

Technology has given scammers an unprecedented level of sophistication and access, making it easier than ever to be fooled. Attend this webinar for an overview of the various scams targeting translators and interpreters, including the age-old fake check scheme that is still tricking people into losing money. The presenter will also cover newer problems of identity theft and impersonation. Specific real-life examples will be used to demonstrate how each scam works and what concrete steps you can take to protect yourself and your business.
1+ hours 1 ATA CE point FREE – click here FREE – click here
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