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Publications is a journal is an online journal published by the Northern California Translators Association. From 1978 to 2020, Translorial existed in the form of a print journal mailed to NCTA members. Starting in November 2020, Translorial articles are fully digital, available to everyone, and published exclusively on the Translorial website.

Translorial Archive

NCTA Members have full access to the entire Translorial archive with all print issues from 1978 to 2020 in PDF format. To read an archived issue, log in and visit the NCTA Member Area.

Contribute to Translorial, the online journal of the Northern California Translators Association, enthusiastically encourages members and non-members alike to submit articles of interest to translators and interpreters. Potential topics include (but are not limited to) linguistics, history, business practices, current events related to the language services industry.
If you are an ATA member, your contribution to will earn you continuing education credits (see category C on the ATA recertification form). As all articles are publicly visible, your writing will reach an audience beyond the NCTA.


• Article content must be original—it should not have been published before.
• Articles must be written in English. Translated articles are welcome; in this case, please submit a headshot and bio for both the original author and the translator.
• Please aim for a word count of 1600–2500 words.
• Please avoid subjects that are controversial because of political or religious implications.


• All articles are subject to editing for grammar, style, and space limitations. follows the Chicago Manual of Style.
• You will be notified if the editors need to make major changes to the wording or structure of the submitted article; minor edits will be made silently.
Please note that the Committee has the final decision about whether to publish the article on If you have any questions, please contact the NCTA Digital Content Director at

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