New: Personal Contact Form for NCTA Members in the NCTA Directory!

by Carola Berger
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New NCTA contact form for member profiles

You asked, we listened! No more spam, no more scams!

But: If you are an active NCTA member, you need to edit your profile now to ACTIVATE your personal contact form. Please follow the instructions below.

New NCTA contact form for member profiles

New NCTA contact form for member profiles

To activate your very own private contact form of the NCTA referral service, please follow the following steps precisely:

1. Log into your account on If you forgot your password, click on “Lost your Password.” If you forgot your email address or have other problems, please email the NCTA webmaster.

2. In the section “Account Info,” click on “Yes” under “Make Your Profile Visible to the Public.” If you do NOT want to appear in the NCTA directory, select “No.”

NCTA Member Profile account information

3. The email fields “Email” and “Email 2” listed in the section “Account Info” are NOT used for the contact form. While the field “Email” in “Account Info” is mandatory, it is for NCTA-internal use only. Only the information in the section “Professional Information” will be shown in the NCTA referral directory!
The email field “Business Email” in the section “Professional Information” will be used for the contact form. At no time will this email address be displayed, neither visibly, nor in the source code!

Professional Information NCTA Profile

4. If you fill in the field “Business Email 2,” it WILL be shown in plain text and readable for everybody, as shown below. “Business Email 2” and “Business Email” can be the same. This may be useful if you do want to display your email address publicly, as shown with our test canine profile below.

5. Winnie filled out his business email address, and also “Business email 2” (, which is displayed in plain text. The “Contact me” contact form sends to the entry in the field “Business Email.”

Winnie Profile 2

6. As a last step, it is recommended to search for yourself under “Find a Linguist” (for individual members) or “Find a Corporate Member” (for our corporate members) by name, check whether your profile appears as intended. Remember, ONLY entries in the section “Professional Information” are displayed!

For any questions or in case of problems, please contact the NCTA Webmaster.

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