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Ms. Luba Maxine Chernov MA

Ms. Luba Maxine Chernov MA


Fremont, California

Native Language: Russian
Working Languages: Ukrainian
Other Language(s) Into English: Ukrainian into English
English Into Other Language(s): English into French


A lifetime linguist, I deliver information in 3 languages. Master”s Degree summa cum laude in English, Russian and French from one of the worlds premier linguistic schools: St. Petersburg State University, Russia. My translations/interpretations are not filtered through personal attitudes or experiences. Neither are they the impersonal exchange of facts without considering the culture behind the words. Competence: high-tech, biotech, jurisprudence, business, marketing/advertising, PR, copywriting, medicine and health care, literature and arts. Trilingual syndicated columnist.

Translator or Interpreter: Translator, Interpreter

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