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Mr. Philip E. Isenberg, CT MM, CT

Mr. Philip E. Isenberg, CT MM, CT

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6238 Keynote St.
Long Beach, California 90808
United States
Phone: 562-212 7445

Native Language: English
Working Languages: German, Italian
Other Language(s) Into English: German into English, Italian into English
English Into Other Language(s): English into German, English into Italian

ATA Certification Language Combinations: German into English, Italian into English


Former university professor, experienced conference interpreter, ATA-certified, court-registered. Interpreted for President-Elect Biden, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Pope Francis, Pope Benedict XVI, papal conclave, World Cup live and nationwide on Fox Sports, Miss Universe, McDonalds, Staples, UAW, Volkswagen, Gianni Versace, Austrian Consulate General, numerous felony cases and engineer visits. Highly technical translations of patents and patent litigation; subtitler of major motion pictures, including Fellini”s “La dolce vita” and Fassbinder”s “Lola”. Translated scholarly books “Plant Life of the Dolomites” (Italian), ISBN 978-3-642-31042-3; “National Minorities in Europe: A Handbook” (German), ISBN 3700314434.

General Areas of Specialization: Agriculture, Arts/Humanities, Business, Engineering, Environmental Fields, Law, Medicine, Official documents, Patents, Personal documents, Technical, Voiceover

Specialized Equipment and Software:


Translator or Interpreter: Translator, Interpreter

American Translators Association Affiliation: Certified by ATA, Member of ATA

Other Specializations:

Film, fiction, music, patents, phytosociology

Translator Credentials/Degrees:

ATA-Certified Translator: German into English and Italian into English

Primary Interpreter Credentials:Consecutive court, Simultaneous conference, Simultaneous court, Admin hearing certificate, Federal court certificate, California state court certificate

Interpreter Credentials/Services:

Court registered in CA for German and Italian, contract interpreter with US District Courts, state courts in OR, WA, CO, AK, ID, TX, MN etc.

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