Important Message to Translorial Readers

by Carola Berger
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Important Message to Translorial Readers


If you are currently registered as a Translorial Reader with the Northern California Translators Association (NCTA), you are able to access the content of Translorial, the journal of NCTA. Due to the impending migration of the website and all membership data, we will be discontinuing this type of subscription at the end of AprilThe remaining NCTA membership types (individual, corporate, courtesy) will be unaffected.

As a Translorial Reader, you are missing out on the benefits NCTA has to offer. For only $60 per year (that is less than the cost of 2 lattes per month!) for the individual NCTA membership, you not only get continued access to Translorial, you can also participate in our referral service, which is searched an average of 80 times each business day. Furthermore, you are eligible for discounts for our continuing education workshops and discounted access to the Payment Practices list. You can join NCTA as a member here:

If you choose not to join as an NCTA member, you can stay informed about NCTA business by subscribing to the online “light” version of Translorial at via RSS or email. NCTA also organizes a Meetup group,

We are sorry to have to discontinue the Translorial Reader subscriptions, but we hope that you choose to stay connected to NCTA and possibly join as a member.


The NCTA Board of Directors

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