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A-List Communication

A-List Communication

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4400 Keller Avenue Suite 296

Oakland, California 94605

United States

Phone: (888) 864-1119

Fax: (888) 914-8778

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A-List Communication Inc. provides interpretation, translation and transcription services to businesses in the Bay Area and beyond. The company is founded by a court certified interpreter who understands the standard of codes and ethics in the industry, and the importance of using certified and professionally trained interpreters. We offer language capabilities for most major languages and sub-dialects within those languages. Specializing in legal, business and technology interpretation, including depositions, court hearings, conferences, business meetings, seminars, arbitration/mediation, focus groups, and medical examinations.

Other Phone: (888) 914-8777

Working Languages: American Sign Language

General Areas of Specialization: Business, Law, Official documents

Other Specializations:

transcription/subtitling/captioning services

Interpreter Credentials/Services:

California state certified Administrative court interpreters

Federally certified court interpreters

Professional conference and simultaneous interpreters

AIIC interpreters

U.S. Department of State interpreters

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