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ION Translations, LLC

ION Translations, LLC

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940 Dwight Way, Suite 1

Berkeley, California 94710-2528

United States

Phone: (510) 841-5000

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ION Translations is a full-service translation company offering comprehensive linguistic support to corporate and government clients. We specialize in technical translations in the fields of business, medicine, and law, as well as offering services in software/website localization, translation of non-technical material such as employee surveys, linguistic screening of marketing slogans and brands, and multilingual/foreign-language typesetting. We work with an extensive team of well-vetted, highly experienced translation specialists and we are capable of translating into and from all the world’s major languages. We value quality, integrity, exceptional responsiveness and clear communication with our clients.

Corporate member and sponsor of the NCTA since 2006.

Native Language: English

Working Languages: Akateko, Albanian, Amharic, Arabic, Aramaic, Armenian, Azeri, Basque, Bengali, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Burmese, Byelorussian, Cambodian, Cantonese, Catalan, Chaldean Neo-Aramaic, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dari, Divehi, Dutch, English, Estonian, Faeroese, Farsi (Persian), Finnish, French, Galician, Georgian, German, Greek, Gujarati, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Kannada, Kazakh, Khmer, Kikongo, Konkani, Korean, Kurdish, Kyrgyz, Lao, Latin, Latvian, Lingala, Lithuanian, Luganda, Malay, Mandarin, Marathi, Maya, Minangkabau, Mongolian, Munu Kutuba, Myanmar (Burma), Nepali, Norwegian, Papiamento, Philippine (Bisayan), Philippine (Boholano), Philippine (Cebuano), Philippine (Ilocano), Philippine (Ilonggo), Philippine (Waray), Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Qanjobal, Romanian, Russian, Sanskrit, Serbian, Serbo-Croatian, Shanghainese, Slovak, Slovenian, Somali, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Syriac, Tagalog, Taiwanese, Tamil, Tatar, Telugu, Thai, Tigrinya, Toishanese, Tongan, Turkish, Ukrainian

Other Language(s) Into English: Akateko into English, Albanian into English, Amharic into English, Arabic into English, Armenian into English, Azerbaijani into English, Azeri into English, Basque into English, Bengali into English, Bosnian into English, Bulgarian into English, Burmese into English, Byelorussian into English, Cambodian into English, Cantonese into English, Catalan into English, Chaldean Neo-Aramaic into English, Chinese into English, Croatian into English, Czech into English, Danish into English, Dari into English, Divehi into English, Dutch into English, Estonian into English, Faeroese into English, Farsi (Persian) into English, Finnish into English, Flemish into English, French into English, Galician into English, Georgian into English, German into English, Greek into English, Gujarati into English, Haitian Creole into English, Hebrew into English, Hindi into English, Hungarian into English, Icelandic into English, Indonesian into English, Italian into English, Japanese into English, Kannada into English, Kazakh into English, Khmer into English, Konkani into English, Korean into English, Kurdish into English, Kyrgyz into English, Lao into English, Latin into English, Latvian into English, Lithuanian into English, Luganda into English, Malay into English, Mandarin into English, Marathi into English, Maya into English, Minangkabau into English, Moldavian into English, Mongolian into English, Moroccan into English, Myanmar (Burma) into English, Nepali into English, Norwegian into English, Papiamento into English, Pashtu into English, Philippine (Bisayan) into English, Philippine(Boholano) into English, Philippine(Cebuano) into English, Philippine (Ilocano) into English, Philippine (Ilonggo) into English, Philippine (Waray) into English, Polish into English, Portuguese into English, Qanjobal into English, Punjabi into English, Romanian into English, Russian into English, Sanskrit into English, Serbian into English, Serbo-Croatian into English, Shanghainese into English, Slovak into English, Slovenian into English, Somali into English, Spanish into English, Swahili into English, Swedish into English, Syriac into English, Tagalog into English, Taiwanese into English, Tajiki into English, Tamil into English, Tatar into English, Telugu into English, Thai into English, Tigrinya into English, Toishanese into English, Tongan into English, Turkish into English, Ukrainian into English, Urdu into English, Uzbek into English, Vietnamese into English

English Into Other Language(s): English into Akateko, English into Albanian, English into Amharic, English into Arabic, English into Armenian, English into Azerbaijani, English into Azeri, English into Basque, English into Bengali, English into Bosnian, English into Bulgarian, English into Byelorussian, English into Cambodian, English into Cantonese, English into Catalan, English into Chaldean Neo-Aramaic, English into Chinese, English into Croatian, English into Czech, English into Danish, English into Dari, English into Divehi, English into Dutch, English into Estonian, English into Faeroese, English into Farsi (Persian), English into Finnish, English into French, English into Galician, English into Georgian, English into German, English into Greek, English into Gujarati, English into Haitian Creole, English into Hebrew, English into Hindi, English into Hungarian, English into Icelandic, English into Indonesian, English into Italian, English into Japanese, English into Kannada, English into Kazakh, English into Khmer, English into Konkani, English into Korean, English into Kurdish, English into Kyrgyz, English into Lao, English into Latin, English into Latvian, English into Lithuanian, English into Luganda, English into Malay, English into Mandarin, English into Marathi, English into Maya, English into Minangkabau, English into Moldavian, English into Mongolian, English into Moroccan, English into Myanmar (Burma), English into Nepali, English into Norwegian, English into Oromo, English into Papiamento, English into Pashtu, English into Philippine (Bisayan), English into Philippine(Boholano), English into Philippine(Cebuano), English into Philippine (Ilocano), English into Philippine (Ilonggo), English into Philippine (Waray), English into Polish, English into Portuguese, English into Punjabi, English into Qanjobal, English into Romanian, English into Russian, English into Sanskrit, English into Serbian, English into Serbo-Croatian, English into Shanghainese, English into Slovak, English into Slovenian, English into Somali, English into Spanish, English into Swedish, English into Syriac, English into Tagalog, English into Taiwanese, English into Tajiki, English into Tamil, English into Tatar, English into Tigrinya, English into Thai, English into Toishanese, English into Tongan, English into Turkish, English into Ukrainian, English into Urdu, English into Uzbek, English into Vietnamese

General Areas of Specialization: Agriculture, Arts/Humanities, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Computers, Economics, Education, Electronics, Engineering, Environmental Fields, Finance, Insurance, Law, Medicine, Official documents, Patents, Software/Localization/QA, Technical, Telecommunications, Voiceover

American Translators Association Affiliation: Member of ATA

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