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Multilingual Technologies Inc.

Multilingual Technologies Inc.


4633 Old Ironsides Drive, #230

Santa Clara, California 95054-1836

United States

Phone: (408) 970-9586

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We provide high quality and affordable translation services to clients worldwide between English and other languages, and our capabilities in East Asian languages, such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean are well-known in the language service industry. As the company name implies, we are a language + technology problem solver and a cross-cultural technical communication facilitator.

Native Language: Chinese

Working Languages: English

Other Language(s) Into English: Chinese into English, Japanese into English, Korean into English, Spanish into English, Thai into English, Vietnamese into English

English Into Other Language(s): English into Chinese, English into Japanese, English into Korean, English into Vietnamese

General Areas of Specialization: Arts/Humanities, Business, Computers, Economics, Education, Electronics, Engineering, Environmental Fields, Finance, Insurance, Law, Medicine, Official documents, Patents, Personal documents, Software/Localization/QA, Technical, Telecommunications

American Translators Association Affiliation: Member of ATA

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